Aron Nimzowitsch
“The most brilliant theoretician and teacher in the history of the game”

  Author of “My System”, Aron Nimzowitsch introduced terms such as “hanging-Pawns” and the Nimzo Indian defence etc. He was born on 7th November, 1886, in Riga, the son of a wholesale merchant.

  He learned the game at the age of eight. He worked out His System during the years 1906-1913 which gave the game a new direction, which led to the hyper-modern or neo-romantic school.

Aron Nimzowitsch

  In addition to Mein System, he was the author of many critical articles, notably his essay Entspricht Dr. Tarraschs Die moderne Schachpartie, wirklich moderner Auffassung? (1913), a brochure, Die Blockade (1925), and Die Praxis meines Systems (1929).

  He had many Chess successes in tournaments over a period of 30 years and died in March 1935 at a comparatively early age when still at the height of his powers.

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