Traditional Chess pieces, Staunton pattern
“Selected in 1924 for all future international Chess tournaments”

  The Kings in a traditional Chess set have a cross, or possibly a crown, on top. The Queens have a jagged edge around the top like a coronet. The Bishops are shaped like a mitre, the headdress worn by Bishops and they have a rounded top with a slit through it.

  The Knights look like horses heads. The Rooks look like castle keeps with battlements. Some people call them castles, but to all real Chess players they are Rooks. Last but by no means least there are eight small pieces of each color. These are the Pawns, and they go in front of the major pieces.

Traditional Chess pieces

  The Chesmayne Chess pieces are triangular shaped. Large triangles are used for the major pieces and small triangles are used for the minor pieces.

  Each triangle has the monogram of the piece printed on it i.e.: Pawn 1, Pawn 2, Pawn 3, Pawn 4, Pawn 5, Pawn 6, Pawn 7 and Pawn 8 for the minor pieces, and the monograms Rook 1, Rook 2, Bishop 1, Bishop 2, Knight 1, Knight 2, Queen 1 and King for the major pieces (traditional Chess).

  Now stop and look at the board. The hardest thing to remember is where the Kings and Queens go. The white Queen is always placed on an light cell and black Queen on a dark cell.

  Finally, always remember this - the white pieces start on rank 1 and rank 2. The black pieces start on rank 7 and rank8 (initial starting position).

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