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Letter #03 -  2000

Sub:    Order of Chess Poster
Date:   12/9/00 11:49:39 AM PST
From:  H.M.


Could you please deliver one piece of your poster to:

M.A.H GmbH Zrich,
Switzerland (Europe)

Thank you -

Dear viewer,

We are glad to hear from you from Switzerland! Of course we can send a Chess poster to Europe.

The cost of the poster is $9.50 US plus $6.00 SH. for a total of $15.50 US. The poster is shipped via US postal service and it takes about 7 days to arrive.

Please note that we only accept money orders on shipments outside the United States. Just follow instructions on our website to fill the order form.

We will gladly notified you by e-mail the day and time the poster is mailed to you and of course you can e-mail us when received.

Thank you for visiting us,

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