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Letter #14 -  2001

Sub:    Carl Schlechter biography
Date:   7/27/01 11:06:21 PM PDT
From:  Peter Dahl


Do you have any biography on Carl Schlechter?

Peter Dahl

Dear viewer,

Carl Schlechter was born on 2 March 1874 and was a leading Austrian Chess master and theoretician at the turn of the 20th century.

He played Emanuel Lasker for the world Chess championship from January 7 to February 10, 1910 in Vienna and Berlin in a 10 game match.

The winner would be the player with the best score after 10 games.

After eight draws and one victory each, the match ended in a draw and Lasker retained the world title.

Schlechter died of pneumonia and starvation on December 27, 1918, and was buried in Budapest on December 31.

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