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Letter #22 -  2001

Sub:    Chess
Date:   9/18/01 5:36:25 AM PDT
From:  Cesar I. Tello (Spain)

Dear Sirs:

My name is Cesar I. Tello and I was a member of Evajedrez de Valencia Club.

The purpose of my e-mail is to let you know that at this moment, I'm dedicated to gather information about the history of Chess and on the websites that I have lately researched, could not find enough data.

I would like to know if you can e-mail me addresses or information of other websites or on the other hand, properly info that I request.

I appreciate your time.

Thank you very much.

Dear viewer,

We have on our website a Chess history from Mr. Raymond Reid from Ireland that in our personal opinion, is the most complete Chess history on the Internet.

Mr. Reid was very kind by allowing us to publish it on our website and the address is:

Feel free to use some of this work but you must give proper credit to Mr. Raymond Reid.

Thank you for visiting us,

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