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Letter #30 -  2001

Sub:    He who takes the QNP
Date:   12/17/01 4:42:18 PM MST
From:  (Gus ;-)


Maybe you might know; "He who takes the QNP (walks the streets)..." should be a famous Chess quote from somebody in the 19th century ...

Do you know by who or in what context or what he might have meant by it?

In case you know anything about it, couldn't you please let me know?

I thank you in advance..


Dear viewer,

We were not able to find any info about the Chess quote you are mentioning in your e-mail.

We are in the process of receiving a great deal of Chess related material in the next days and we hope to find an answer to your question.

Also, this e-mail will be placed in our “Read our mail” page and we ask all our viewers for any information related to this subject.

As soon as we get anything for you, we will contact you again.

Thank you for visiting us,

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