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Letter #18 -  2001

Sub:    Help
Date:   8/23/01 1:27:08 AM PDT
From:  Richard Pena

I need the point system.

How much each piece is and how many points for a loss, win and draw.

Rick Pena

Dear viewer,

The numerically value of the Chess pieces accepted by most players is as follows:

King........... Infinite (you lose the game if you lose it!)
Queen........ 9 points
Rook.......... 5 points
Bishop....... 3 points (Bobby Fischer values it at 3.25 points)
Knight........ 3 points
Pawn......... 1 point

Of course those values are relative to their strategic position on the board during the game, (i.e. a passed Pawn on the 6th or 7th rank has a possible potential value of 9 points or so.)

A win is 1 point, a loss 0 and a draw is half a point for each player.

Thank you for visiting us,

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