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Letter #06 -  2001

Sub:    How do you pronounce?
Date:   4/07/01 2:40:14 PM PDT
From:  Queeneev

The debate at home is how to say “giuoco”.

Can you help?

Dear viewer,

The Giuoco Piano opening is named after the Italian Chess player called Gioachino Greco who lived in the seventeenth century. In Italian, "Giuoco" means game and "Piano" means quiet, thus, it is often called the "Quiet game".

In America we also know it as the Italian game. It is considered a good opening for a beginner or average player since it promotes a rapid development, an occupation of the center and the Bishop threats the f7 square (the weakest point in black's opponent at the beginning of the game) exerting pressure on the d5 square.

This series of moves also clears the King's side allowing the white King to castle early in the game. Now, since the word "Giuoco" is a foreign word, any person (other than an Italian) may pronounce it different if he or she has never heard of it.

Follow this link for a list of Chess words pronunciations:

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