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Letter #04 -  2001

Sub:    Ignorant of rules
Date:   3/27/01 7:34:52 PM PST
From:  Scotty

When playing my son, I had him in check with a Rook and with another piece (my Bishop) threatening. He moved his Rook to capture my Rook (the checking piece). 

He said he was moving “out of check by capturing the opposing check  piece”. Can this be done?

My interpretation of the basic rule is you must move the King out of check, not kill the offending challenger with another piece.

Could someone please answer this by e-mail? 

Scotty (USA)

Dear viewer,

There are three ways of getting your King out of check:

1. Moving your King out of check
2. Capturing the attacking enemy piece with any of your own pieces
3. Interposing any of your pieces between your King and the attacking enemy piece

It was not clear in your letter if the Rook alone or both -Rook and Bishop- are attacking the King. If your Rook was the only piece attacking, then your son is correct by “getting out of check by capturing the opposing checking piece”.

Now, if both pieces (Rook and Bishop) happen to be threatening your King with a check at the same time (i.e., with a discovery check), then only this applies: “Moving your King out of check.”

Thank you for visiting us,

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