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Letter #27 -  2001

Sub:    Quest for information
Date:   10/26/01 11:35:27 AM PDT
From:  Luis Efren Enriquez Muñoz

I have just found your website today and you have done an outstanding job since is one of the best I have seen after

I would like to keep in touch with you. I am a class A player in Mexico and I'm studying Wilhelm Steinitz.

I like to know y you have some commented games of the world championship match against Johann Zukertort.

Anyway, if you do have them or not, I will keep visiting your website.

Thank you and I'll keep in touch.

Dear viewer,

We are pleased to know that you enjoyed our website and your comments are greatly appreciated.

In our PGN files section, we have 590 games of grand master and first world champion Wilhelm Steinitz:

At this page, you'll find the world championship match against Johann Zukertort on a PGN viewer:

Thank you for visiting us,

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