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Letter #29 -  2001

Sub:    Tony Miles
Date:   11/30/01 5:55:43 AM MST
From:  Ken Williams (UK)

I understand Tony Miles passed away recently.

I am trying to find out when, can you please help?

Thank you.
Ken Williams

Dear viewer,

We found the following:

Tony Miles (1955-2001)

“Everyone connected with Chess in the UK (and indeed the world) will be saddened to learn that English Grandmaster Tony Miles died at his home in Birmingham on November 12, 2001, at age 46.

Tony Miles was England's first world-class professional player of the modern era, becoming the first England player to qualify for the over-the-board grandmaster title in 1976 and going on to establish himself as one of the top players on the circuit during Anatoly Karpov's reign as world champion.

Miles suffered from diabetes and a post mortem found that this likely contributed to his death by heart failure”.

The following is a game played and won by Tony miles against former world champion Boris Spassky:

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