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Letter #15 -  2002

Sub:    Books
Date:   5/24/2002 9:02:40 PM MDT
From:  George U.

I read somewhere there are more books written about Chess than any other subject.

Do you think this is true?

If so where can I find this statement in writing?

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

We found the following:

“Chess has an important advantage over "physical" sports in that each move can be diagrammed and debated to death, and every sequence duplicated exactly by anyone able to fathom notation, though they be separated from the original competitors by an ocean or by a century.”

“Unlike other sports, Chess can be described, analyzed, and debated in a completely literary format, and this unique quality is undoubtedly why there are more books written about Chess than all other sports and hobbies combined.”  --Bruce A. Moon

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