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Letter #17 -  2002

Sub:    Chess clock & time descriptions
Date:   6/21/2002 10:45:30 PM MDT
From:  R L Newman

My name is Rick,

I am beginning to attend the Fritz Chess on line.

They use a notation I am not familiar with on the time settings.

Like this example (5' + 2"), I understand minutes and seconds but I don't know what the 2 seconds is.

Could you direct me to book or site where I can look up the explanation.

I have looked and am not having much success.

Thank you very much,

Dear viewer,

We believe that the 5'+ 2" refers to a very popular way of clock timing which means that a game is to be played in five minutes and an adittional two seconds are added (incremented) per move for each player, this applies to all moves in the game.

So, let's say you make a move and at the time your clock shows 4:42 when you press the clock button (or make a move online) your time left will now show 4:44.

Thank you for visiting us,

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