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Letter #05 -  2002

Sub:    Chess Poster
Date:   1/30/02 9:30:17 AM PST
From:  Mahoney

I have not yet received the Poster.

Did I get taken?

Dear viewer,

Of course you did not get taken.

We shipped your poster on January the 15th. We have sold many posters and this is the first time a customer did not receive it on time.

We are sending you a copy of the original USPS receipt to show you time and date of shipping.

In a case like this, the normal procedure is to make a claim at your nearest Postal Service Office and they will trace origin and destination status (take a copy of the receipt with you).

We ask you to please follow this step first and if you get no results or the piece was lost or stolen in transit, we will gladly send you a replacement at no cost to you.

The address sent to was:

************** MA 02482

Thank you for visiting us,

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