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Letter #10 -  2002

Sub:    Chess posters for tournaments
Date:   3/1/02 10:32:56 AM PST
From:  MDR (Bedford,Texas USA)

You've got the greatest coolest poster I've ever seen, how much for five?

Want to use them as prizes for a scholastic tournament we're putting on at school.

Can you give us a break since we're a school club and not made of money?

Thanks very much!

Dear viewer,

We apologize for the delay to reply to your e-mail.

We've just posted a “Price List” page price in our website and the URL address is:

We have been selling posters for about 2 years and lately some viewers are requesting prices on volume quantities which we did not expect.

This brought some extra work for us regarding packaging, prices, shipping and handling, etc.

If you like to buy 5 pieces, we will make a one time exception to your school and from $12.50 US a piece we will sell them at $*.** US plus $5.00 US S&H with a total of $**.** US.

Afterwards, please refer to our page for future orders.

Thank you for visiting us,

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