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Letter #32 -  2002

Sub:    Chess Quote
Date:   12/20/2002 12:33:07 PM MST
From:  Jack Cashman

I am trying to determine the author of a Chess quote which goes something like: “The beauty of a Chess move lies not in its appearance but in the idea/thought behind it”.

Thanks for your help.
Jack Cashman

Dear viewer,

According to Mr. Keiser Paul (of Berlaar, Belgium), the author is Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch.

But most accurate is to credit it to Aron Nimzovich. Tarrasch once said that the “Nimzoindian Defense” was 'horrible' and that's when the great Nimzovich replied back with the quote in question while adding that he considered the “Tarrasch Defense” a very bad one.

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