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Letter #09 -  2002

Sub:    Great Poster!
Date:   2/21/02 12:30:19 PM  PST
From:  Jay Stallings (USA)


Your poster is great!, I saw it at the San Diego Chess Club.

No Chess club should be without it! If you haven't tried it already, you should market it through the U.S. Chess Federation or at least email all the clubs in the U.S. with the link to your poster.

Perhaps you could also include the text in an attachment so they could see how thorough the poster is.

Also, do you sell in bulk? We have a storefront with 800 young Chess students. I'm sure some would be interested in having this for their bedroom wall.

We're sending our check today.

Jay Stallings
Director, California Youth Chess League
President, Southern California Chess Federation
(661) 288-1705

Dear viewer,

We feel very flattered by your comments about our Chess poster especially coming from someone with a great background and credentials like you.

We've never thought of marketing our Chess poster through a large organization like the US Chess federation, but we will look into it.

Also, your idea of sending an e-mail to Chess clubs in the US is very good and we will do it in the near future.

In regard to the bulk issue, we are working on it since this is something we did not expect from viewers and/or buyers.

After a couple of weeks, if you still wish to buy a large quantity of prints, e-mail us back and we may have an answer for you by then.

Thank you for visiting us,

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