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Letter #22 -  2002

Sub:    Impossible position?
Date:   9/02/2002 7:49:02 AM MDT
From:  Squarf

I am told that it is not possible for such a position to occur:

Black King on h-8
White Queen on g-8
White Knight on g-6 -- Checkmate.

Why? How? What?

I look at it... doodle around with pieces and can come up with it. What don't I understand?  Why, from a play point of view is it impossible?

Can you enlighten me?


Dear viewer,

Chess has rules and if not followed, it is not Chess. They will never permit such position on the board, thus, it is an impossible position.

In order to arrive to any Chess position, it has to be in a legal way. This set up problem (see graphic) is possible only if you take the pieces manually and place them in the board, but this position can never be reached by making legal moves.

Ilegal position

Now, if it is black's turn, black King simple takes the Queen and that is the end of the problem but how could the black King be attacked twice in one move with two enemy pieces?

This is possible only with any discovery check (i.e. with a Knight + Queen, Knight + Bishop, etc.).

There is no logic answer to an illegal set up Chess problem.

Thank you for visiting us,

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