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Letter #11 -  2002

Sub:    Information about blindfold Chess
Date:   3/03/02 10:26:33 AM PST
From:  Jess Carretero

I am an amateur blindfold Chess player. I play mentally without seeing the Chessboard and I would like information about web sites, literature or training software in which communication be strictly verbally without the use of a keyboard, I mean, the voice of my move would replace the keyboard and the reply move sent back to me verbally, hopefully, the whole game will be transmitted and received entirely blinded.

Afterwards, I would need spoken literature software, the 5 volume of the spoken Yugoslavian encyclopedia and spoken Chess reporters, software to compete on the mentioned discipline as a training against the computer with time control, same as an official tournament and all procedures that will assist my personal development from amateur Chess player to professional, and to make progress on this exclusive type of Chess playing.

My name is Jess Carretero, male, 47 years old and anyone is welcome to e-mail me at:

I hope to hear from you very soon,
Jess Carretero

Dear viewer,

We believe that a person capable of playing blindfold Chess is a virtuoso comparable to Chess geniuses such as Paul Morphy, Philidor, Alekhine, etc.

To be honest, we think that just a few people possess this gift and in turn, we do not believe that there is any software, computers, tournaments or anything related to the questions on your e-mail.

If you are interested in developing new fields on this matter, maybe you could be a pioneer to implement it.

We'll try to publish your e-mail on our “Read our Mail” section and also make your e-mail address public for persons wishing to contact you, have the opportunity in doing so.

Thank you for visiting us,

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