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Letter #24 -  2002

Sub:    Josh Waitzkin
Date:   10/7/2002 7:29:08 PM MDT
From:  Starshine - Alison Morgan

I hate to say this to someone who is obviously deep into Chess, but I am less interested in Josh's Chess games per se as I am what he is doing these days (sorry, but I discovered long ago I just am not going to be very good at Chess).

I was very taken by the movie years ago from a human interest standpoint and each time I see it am moved again. I am wondering what Josh is doing these days in relation to Chess in general and his life in particular.

How old is he now, what is he doing? If you answer this, I really appreciate it, if not, well, I understand.

Alison Morgan

Dear viewer,

Our records show that Josh Waitzkin was born on 12/04/1976, so he should be 26 years old by December.

To this date, he is involved in a Chess classes project called “Competition and the Art of Learning.”

Josh is also the spokesperson for the Chessmaster 8000 computer Chess including a new course on the “Psychology of Competition by International Master Josh Waitzkin.”

Thank you for visiting us,

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