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Letter #04 -  2002

Sub:    Notation preference
Date:   1/27/02 12:54:05 PM PST
From:  Frank W. Dombrosky

I framed your poster and it looks very attractive on my wall.

Most of the notations that are used, are descriptive. Is there a reason why you used descriptive notation so much instead of Algebraic?

Also, would it be worth my time to learn descriptive since so many of the older classics are still being printed in that notation?

Thanks for a very informative (and enjoyable) website!

Frank W. Dombrosky,
Nederland, TX

Dear viewer,

Long before the algebraic system was created, the descriptive system was the only one used by everybody. We believe that the algebraic notation is a product of the computer age which, relatively speaking, is new compared to Chess history and the descriptive notation.

Of course it would be worth to learn descriptive notation since most Chess books are written in that way.

As an example, we remember a few years ago that we went to Barnes & Noble bookstore and requested a computer printout of all Chess books available and they came out with 118 full pages of Chess titles (over a thousand) and over 90% of them were in descriptive notation!

I myself own many Chess books and most of them are descriptive. Once you get a grip on both systems, you will find yourself comfortable with any of the two.

Thank you for visiting us,

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