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Letter #26 -  2002

Sub:    Some language hiccups
Date:   10/27/2002 8:44:12 AM MST
Øystein (Norway)


I am a keen Chess enthusiast from Norway. I just came across your web page today and found it very appealing and informative. However, I encountered a few blunders under “Chess piece names in other languages”.

In Norwegian, the correct name for Rook is Tårn, not Sten. The Bishop in Norwegian is called Løper, not Bisp, the Knight is Springer rather than Hest and the Pawn is called Bonde.

Just to let you know...

With regards,

Dear viewer,

Thank you very much for the corrections.

We appreciate viewers like you very much because you help our site to become more accurate and better.

Changes have been already made to reflect the info you provided

Thank you for visiting us,

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