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Letter #23 -  2002

Sub:    Young Chess players
Date:   9/08/2002 11:50:00 AM MDT
From:  Whitney


I am a student writing a paper on the game of Chess.

It would be appreciated if you could give me some information on the benefits of playing Chess at a young age, including school Chess clubs, and the effects of learning the complicated rules at a young age.

Thank you,

Dear viewer,

We found the following:

“The benefits of playing Chess”

Chess is recognized as the ultimate game and is not simply a game but a learning tool for the development of the mind, and just happens to be in the form of a game. How fortunate we are to have an easy method of exercising and developing much deeper thought processes in our minds while also amusing the simpler side of our nature.

It is also an unending challenge. Its spectrum extends from "learning how the pieces move," to seeing how many simultaneous blindfolded games we can play. Obviously it takes a highly developed mind just to play one game blindfolded. And for most of us, playing Chess is much more fun than using math for this necessary mental exercise.

That's why thinking games are such excellent tools for young children. They can be played and enjoyed while deeper thought patterns are being developed. The benefits of learning how to play Chess are numerous.

Multiple studies show that children especially benefit, including:

1.  Enhanced reading and math performance
2.  Positive impact on motivation and achievement
3.  Improved "critical thinking" skills
4.  Enhanced problem-solving and creativity
5.  Greater self-confidence and sense of self-worth
6.  Improved rational thinking and patience
7.  Higher grades!

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