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Letter #33 -  2003

Sub:    A new player
Date:   9/14/2003 1:25:00 PM MDT
From:  bonnex20


I'm a learner. I want to be a master shortly.

I've just fallen in love with this game.

Are there any important squares to target while playing?

Let me know this and many more hints.

Dear viewer,

Undoubtedly, the most important squares on the Chessboard are the four center ones (see diagram).

Major and minor pieces placed there can increase their mobility, exert considerable pressure and tend to control more space.

Center squares

Hints or tips to improve your Chess:

  1.- Study Chess openings
  2.- Develop your pieces as quickly as possible
  3.- Take control of the centre
  4.- Don't move a piece twice in the opening
  5.- Castle as soon as possible
  6.- Develop the Knights before the Bishops
  7.- Don't bring out your Queen too soon
  8.- Try no to attack before developing
  9.- Place the Rooks on open files
10.- Do not place a Knight at the edge of the board

Thank you for visiting us,

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