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Letter #34 -  2003

Sub:    Anand zodiac sign
Date:   10/06/2003 8:48:48 AM MDT
From:  rene_davidsen


I'd like to start by saying that you run one of the finest Chess-addict sites on the net!

It's fascinating how much Chess related stuff you've been able to fit into this nice design.

My question is a trivial one though; in the section “Great players by zodiac sign”, why isn't Vyshwanathan Anand there with the other sagittarius?

He most definitely deserves to be there!

Again, thanks for a great site!
Sagittarius Chess junkie

Dear viewer,

Yes, you're right, we missed the great Anand but the omission has been fixed already.

We appreciate the tip and your nice comments about our site.

Thank you for visiting us,

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