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Letter #35 -  2003

Sub:    Bishop and Knight ending
Date:   10/17/2003 12:26:36 PM MDT
From:  Joviedo

Congratulations for this great website, great effort, I enjoy very much consulting this site.

I would appreciate for some information about Bishop and Knight endings games.

In addition, related topical information would be appreciated.


Dear viewer,

We don't think there are many recorded ending games with Bishop and Knight, or Bishop and Bishop, etc. As you may know, most professional Chess players resign when they feel their position is hopeless. They do it quite often long before the game should end rather than be checkmated.

However, your e-mail gave us the idea to create a section in our page "Chess Problems" that will give you the option to review with a PGN viewer the procedures to follow for mate ending finals with King and Queen, King and Rook, King and two Bishops and King and Bishop + Knight.

You are welcome to review them at the following URL address:

Thank you for visiting us,

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