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Sub:    Chess pieces
Date:   6/4/2003 11:23:46 AM MDT

I would like to know what are the size of the official or professional Chess pieces since I am working in a Chess set and I need the measurements to start carving them and have them ready for delivery.

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We found the following:

2. Chess Pieces

2.1 Material

Chess pieces should be made of wood, plastic or an imitation of these materials.

2.2 Height, weight, proportions

The King's height should be 8.5 to 10.5 cm. The diameter of the King's base should measure 40 to 50% of its height. The size of the other pieces should be proportionate to their height and form.

Other elements such as stability, aesthetic considerations etc., may also be taken into account. The weight of the pieces should be suitable for comfortable moving and stability.

2.3 Form, style of make

Recommended for use in FIDE competitions are those types of Chess sets and equipment, which have already been used in Men's Olympiads, interzonal tournaments, candidates' matches and tournaments, and world championship matches.

The pieces should be shaped so as to be clearly distinguishable from one another. In particular the top of the King should distinctly differ from that of the Queen. The top of the Bishop may bear a notch or be of a special colour clearly distinguishing it from that of the Pawn.

2.4 Colour of the pieces

The dark pieces should be brown or black, or of other dark shades of these colours. The light pieces may be white or cream, or of other light colours. The natural colour of wood (walnut, maple, etc.) may also be used for this purpose. The pieces should not be shiny and should be pleasing to the eye.

3. Chess boards

Wood, plastic, cardboard or cloth are recommended as material for chessboards. The board may also be of stone or marble with appropriate light and dark colours, provided the Chief Arbiter finds it acceptable.

Natural wood with sufficient contrast, such as birch, maple or European ash against walnut, teak, beech, etc., may also be used for boards, which must have a dull or neutral finish, never shiny.

Combination of colours such as brown, green, or very light tan and white, cream, off-white ivory, buff, etc., may be used for the Chess squares in addition to natural colours. The board size should be such that the pieces appear neither too crowded nor too lonely on the squares.

It is recommended that a side of the square should measure 5 to 6 1/2 cm. A comfortable table of suitable height may be fitted in with a chessboard. If the table and the board are separate from one another, the latter must be fastened and thus prevented from moving during play.

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