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Letter #28 -  2003

Sub:    Deep Blue vs. Kasparov
Date:   8/02/2003 10:23:53 AM MDT
From:  akaczrowski

Against Deep Blue in 1997, it is amazing to me that Gary Kasparov resigned. Also amazing was the fact that Deep Blue decided to "sacrifice" its Queen.

It had to have seen that its Queen would be taken by the Rook, but it did it anyways. It must have thought far deeper into the game. Basically, Gary resigned even though he still had these pieces: Rook, Queen, Knight, and a Bishop.

The computer didn't have a Queen left. I don't agree that the computer "trounced" Gary in any way.

It seems to me that Kasparov could've taken that Pawn on F5 with the Queen, but maybe this would've been bad 7 moves later, because he was playing a super computer after all.

Dear viewer,

You've got the game wrong.

Deep Blue had the white pieces and Kasparov the black ones.

So, Kasparov sacrificed his Queen and Deep Blue had a majority of pieces.

Thank you for visiting us,

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