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Letter #20 -  2003

Sub:    Hanneken defense
Date:   5/26/2003 1:31:07 AM MDT
From:  Angelika Halama

Dear madam, Dear sir,

I am currently working on my doctoral thesis in Geography “The development and use of estates in Northeastern Mecklenburg, Germany in the 19th and 20th century. By looking for one of the former owners of Viecheln I found your homepage and was delighted to find information on Hermann von Hanneken.

I would like to make two corrections, though. Hannekens birthplace is not Vicheln, but VIECHELN which is in Mecklenburg, not Prussia. Bill Wall might have been misled by the fact that Hanneken was a Prussian General.

Viecheln is situated about 45 kms east southeast of the port city of Rostock on the Baltic sea. Not being a Chess player myself, I still do not know what the Hanneken defense is.

Best regards from Hamburg, Germany.
Angelika Halama

Dear viewer,

We appreciate your e-mail very much because your correction helps to make our website more accurate. We have made the appropriate changes and the page has been already updated.

The Hanneken defense is a sequence of opening moves. The intent of those moves is to work out the best way to open a game of Chess. These moves can be found in our Chess openings practice page under the Hanneken defense list.

Hanneken defense
Hanneken defense
1. e4 e5  /  2. f4 exf4  /  3. Bc4 Nf6

Thank you for visiting us,

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