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Letter #38 -  2003

Sub:    I love Chess
Date:   11/20/2003 22:59:30 PM MST
From:  Kim Mc Bride

Hi there,

I love Chess and I play some as well. Looking for Chess sites on the web I ran into yours... and so, I wanted to congratulate you on the remarkable work on your Chess website.

To me, it's the best I've seen so far. It's very complete and full of information about this fantastic game. CONGRATULATIONS! no wonder you've been awarded it!  So, I hope you get this.

Also that I can ask questions and tutorials on how to improve my game... I really want to get better training on how to plan strategies, openings and the like. I consider Chess to be one of the most incredible leisures ever invented by humankind.

It's not only good to play and to have fun but also to help people enhance their capacity of thought in dealing with problems or giving them solutions. It's a great exercise and training for the mind, I'm positive about it!

So, thank you for such an amazing site. Hope to hear from you soon. Keep up the good work!


Dear viewer,

We apologize for the long delay to answer to your e-mail. Somehow your e-mail was not forwarded to us from the host server to our personal recipient.

We feel wonderful when some viewers like you write good things about our website which in turn motivate us to keep it up. We do agree with you that Chess is the “Greatest game ever invented by humankind”, undoubtedly.

About your interest to improve your Chess playing, we always suggest three things: learn Chess openings, review games from grandmasters and play the game quite often.

Thank you for visiting us,

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