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Letter #39 -  2003

Sub:    Mandatory draw?
Date:   12/11/2003 11:21:27 AM MST
From:  John Fecek


Your site is EXCELLENT!!!

I did notice a few very minor errors which you could consider. They are all listed at the end of this mail. Also, you have the name of Aaron Nimzowisch as Aron Nimzovich.

I also have another question: when a tripled repetition is noticed, is it a mandatory draw or can the players continue playing ?

Can one player force the draw?

John Fecek

Dear viewer,

Thank you very much for the corrections!!, we really appreciate them. All the mistakes found by you, have been already fixed.

It is not mandatory drawing by this repetition of course and the players may continue playing. And yet, either player can exercise the triple repetition rule and force the draw.

If you navigate through the web, you will find the name of Aaron Nimzowisch written in different ways: Aron, Aaron, Nimzowisch, and Nimzovich.

We have his book “My System” and his name is listed as Aron Nimzovich. Because of that, we use it both ways in our website.

Thank you for visiting us,

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