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Letter #40 -  2003

Sub:    Resolving stalemate quickly
Date:   12/22/2003 1:59:38 PM MST
From:  Bryan

When I was young I competed in a Chess tournament where I accidentally stalemated my opponent. Rather than playing another game, the arbiter set up the board with two Kings and one Rook.

Each piece was placed in a corner of the board with the Kings in the same row. The object of the exercise was to see how many moves the player with Rook and King would need to mate their opponent's King.

The players would rotate positions once. The player mated in the fewest moves loses the match. The Rook-less player moved first. I've been looking on the Internet for some reference to this procedure for resolving stalemates quickly.

Do you have any insight?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dear viewer,

We do not have any information about the procedure for resolving stalemates quickly. However, we believe that the method mentioned in your e-mail is an excellent way of resolving draw or stalemate games at low level tournaments.

Your letter will be printed in our “Read our Mail” section for future reference to other players.

Thank you for visiting us,

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