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Letter #03 -  2004

Sub:    A bug in the Amyan program
Date:   1/29/2004 4:58:30 PM MST
From:  David Badillo


Mi name is David Badillo and I'd like to congratulate you for your interesting Chess website!. I learned the rules and the basic play 6 years ago and I have been playing and learning ever since.

I love Chess statistics, Chess History and I find pleasure in several of your sections like Great Games, Chess Notes and Facts, World Champions, History of Chess, etc.

I am also writing to point out a bug that I have encountered while playing against Amyan, the java program that you have in the “Lets Play Chess” section Spanish version.

I do not know the correct opening name but when played against the program with the following moves, in the fifth move suddenly Amyan gives up his Queen!! From then on, it is easier for me to win it.

This only happens if the program answers with 2... Nf6 to my King's Pawn opening. The following graphic shows the opening game moves:

David B. (white)  vs. Amyan (black) -  Spanish version

Amyan move position

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Bc4 Nxe4 4. Nxe5 d5 5. Qf3 Qd7?? 6. NxQ NxN 7. Bxd5 etc.

After this, I feel that black is lost, or at least in this position I'm able to win very easily. Is this an error within the program?, or Amyan really chose the best move with 5... Qd7??

Try yourself and surely the program will answer in the same way. I would like to know your opinion on this matter.

Thanks and again congratulations!!
David Badillo

Dear viewer,

We could indeed verify the fifth Amyan's move and we do not have an adequate answer to this matter but we will contact Mr. Antonio Dieguez the creator of this game Amyan.

We suggest that you increase the time level at the beginning of the game from 10 to 15 or more, the program will respond with a strongest and a more logical move.

Thank you for visiting us,

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