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Letter #20 -  2004

Sub:    Copy of a played game
Date:   09/21/2004 09:48:33 AM MDT
From:  Marco Antonio

Dear Sirs,

I thank you for your attention to my letter. Indeed, you have a Chess program very strong; tactically, is quite good.

I wonder if you can send me the move list of a game I played to your Chess program on September 9th with a Ruy Lopez opening which I played the white pieces and the game ended in a checkmate to black with the Queen on 'a7' supported by the my Bishop and the Black King on 'a8'.

I would appreciate your help on this matter, if this could be possible.

Thank you very much.

Marco Antonio

Dear viewer,

We won't be able to send you a played game by you or any other player because our server or our Chess program does not record or retain any games played.

We suggest that in the future you write down the moves in a score sheet. You are welcome to download our score sheet at the following URL:

Thank you for visiting us,

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