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Letter #30 -  2004

Sub:    Established positions
Date:   12/30/2004 03:18:02 PM MST
J. A. Swearingen

I enjoy your site.

Love to play established Chess positions, i.e., not start from the beginning.

Is there anyplace on the Internet where one may play by entering an established position and then play it out with a computer as the opponent?

I find this an excellent learning technique because I can then play an established position in several different ways over time. So often I play “Little Chess Partner” at your site but the game goes too long into the night and I have to terminate the game before its end.

Wish there was someway to save it so I could resume it later. Also, perhaps, I could then see how an interesting position would play out with different moves here and there.

John A. Swearingen

Dear viewer,

In our “Chess Problems” page you may find what you're looking for. We have a section of interactive Chess problems from actual games played by grandmasters.

There, you play against the computer in a set up position in which you must win by playing the correct moves previously made by a grandmaster.

You can make as many different moves as you like or try many other variants, but if you play weak the computer will beat you easily.

Thank you for visiting us,

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