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Letter #16 -  2004

Sub:    Excellent page
Date:   8/11/2004 19:50:46 PM MDT
From:  Vhgiles

Hello Spanish chess-poster friends:

Warm greetings from Toluca city in Mexico. I guess you're already used to receive many compliments for your website, but to be true, they are just, well deserved and earned on merit... thus, one more from a loyal fan.

Every time that I log on, I find something new and interesting. Your comments and analysis are accurate with simple words that reflect a simplicity when you answer our questions (sometimes dumb) you do it warmly and without making us feel bad which speaks very well from all of you. Keep it up, you have a lot of fans over here.

Also, I have a question -although I think is very simple, I'd like to know the answer: Having still my Queen in a game, I promoted a Pawn to the eighth rank and I chose another Queen and thus having “two” Queens. My opponent did not accept it and made me feel bad afterwards... who was right on this one?

I would appreciate your answer.

Eng. Vctor Humberto Giles Fierro

Dear viewer,

Any player can promote one Pawn or more to a Queen. Therefore, you were right since it's legal to have as many Queens as possible.

We never get tired of hearing compliments about our site from people like you and we appreciate it very much.

Thank you for visiting us,

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