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Letter #27 -  2004

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Date:   12/08/2004  7:10:31 AM MST
From:  Brent

I have heard many preachers telling about a picture of satan playing Chess against a young man. Satan wins the game with the young man jumping back in amazement.

Countless Chess players from around the world have viewed this picture to comment on the scene, but one grandmaster viewed the picture for 30 minutes and saw a move that would save the young man.

The picture is in a gallery in Ohio. Where can I go on the internet to see this picture?

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

We could not find any picture you requested. We wish we can have it to post it in our site.

There are several sites with the history you mentioned but no pictures:

Defeating the Oldest Enemy

During the early part of the last century, a great Chess player who was also an artist painted a picture of a Chess game in progress. The players were a young man and Satan. Satan was playing the black pieces, of course.

The game had high stakes. If Satan should win, the young man would be his slave forever. If the young man would win, he would be free from evil forever. Apparently the artist believed in the power of evil over good, because his picture shows that Satan was the winner.

In the picture the devil has just moved his Queen and has announced that there would be checkmate in 4 moves. The young man's hand hovers over his rook and then stops. There was no hope. The devil wins and the young man would be his slave forever.

Then one day, the great Chess master Paul Morphy came to view the picture. He studied the board for more than 30 minutes. He lifted his hand as he studied different moves. Finally his eyes blazed with the vision of an unthought of combination of moves.

Suddenly, he shouted: --Young man, make that move. That's the move! To the amazement of all, the old master had discovered a combination the artist had not considered. The young man defeated the devil.

Thank you for visiting us,

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