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Letter #22 -  2004

Sub:    Which is the best opening?
Date:   10/17/2004 12:44:09 PM MDT
From:  bersuit


My name is Eduardo and I'm writing this e-mail to find out which Chess opening may be the best one or any other one in special.

Please, I hope you can answer this e-mail

Dear viewer,

To tell which Chess opening is the best is like trying to say which is the best color of something. Every person might have a very different opinion of the best way of starting a game.

Grandmaster Robert Fischer once wrote in his bestseller book “My Sixty Memorable Games” that the first move 1.e2-e4 was the “Best by test”.

Once this move is made, the reply from your opponent may dictate the opening to follow such the Ruy Lopez, French Defense, Sicilian Defense, etc.

We suggest for you to try an opening you like the most and thoroughly study it with all its variations.

Thank you for visiting us,

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