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Letter #14 -  2005

Sub:    Board color
Date:   4/10/2005 2:20:34 PM MST
From:  Dr. Larry Daz (Venezuela)

Dear Sirs of chess-poster,

My name is Dr. Larry Daz from Venezuela.

I'd like to know please, if it is possible to change the board's blue color when we are playing in the Spanish “Let's Play Chess” page, because the blue tones contrast makes visibility very difficult and for that reason I haven't be able to use this service.

If this can be done, can you tell me how?

Thank you very much to all you people!!

Dr. Larry Daz

Dear viewer,

The Chess program Amyan has indeed an option for changing the color of the board.

On the right hand frame with the text “Colors” you have the option to change the board's color to four different colors which includes the default blue.

Thank you for visiting us,

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