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Letter #45 -  2005

Sub:    Castling restrictions
Date:   12/18/2005 4:23:53 AM MST
From:  C.R. Morley


Chess Partner insists that one cannot castle once a King has been in check (i.e. currently not in check).

Provided all other restrictions have been met, I believe that it is in fact permissible.

Can you enlighten?

Thank you,
C.R. Morley

Dear viewer,

The rules of Chess state that castling is illegal when:

1.  The King has moved earlier

2. The Rook has moved earlier

3. The King is in check

4. The King is under an opponent's attack

5. The King's squares of journey and destiny are under hostile attack by an opponent's

6. If there are Chess pieces between the King or the Rook

If you have been checked during a game and you have met the above rules (i.e. the check was blocked by interposing another piece or by taking the enemy piece with an own piece other than the King or Rook involved in the castling) then nothing will prevent you from castling later.

This applies no matter how many times your King has been put in check during the game.

Thank you for visiting us,

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