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Letter #38 -  2005

Sub:    Different solution
11/3/2005 4:43:08 PM MDT

From:  aguigo


I like to congratulate you for your Chess page, is pretty much well designed.

Solving Chess problems in your page, I noticed that the #6 mate in two problem can have a different answer than the one you provide.

The new solution is as follows: 1. g4+ Ke4 2. Rd6#

Well, I really hope that you include this other option.

Best regards.

Dear viewer,

We checked the Chess problem you mentioned and is not really the way you describe it (1.g4+ Ke4  2.Rd6#) since the black Pawn at g7 can effectively block the mate in two (1.g4+ Ke4 2.Rd6+ g6!), see problem below:

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Thus, a mate in three moves is produced which it is not the objective of this mate in two moves problem.

Thank you for visiting us,

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