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Letter #17 -  2005

Sub:    Gruenfeld Defense
Date:   5/4/2005 8:35:08 AM MDT
From:  rramirez

Hello Friends,

First of all, I like to thank you for maintaining on the internet your very complete, versatile page and more important, very helpful to rookies like me.

Next, I want to point out that while reviewing the openings, I found out that the Gruenfeld defense corresponds to the Queen gambit; actually it repeats itself.

Best regards from La Paz, Bolivia.
Rolando Ramrez

Dear viewer,

Thank you very much for your e-mail which indeed is correct.

Somehow we placed the same pgn file in the Gruenfeld defense opening.

This error has been already corrected and if you still feel a mistake still remains, please feel free to write to us again.

Thank you for visiting us,

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