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Letter #06 -  2005

Sub:    King and Bishop left
Date:   2/06/2005 9:44:31 AM MST
From:  Ron


I was left with my King and my Bishop . My opponent had only his Queen, he placed me in check without capturing my Bishop.

I started to count the moves for the 50 move rule and he stated I still had a live Bishop and was not able to start the count, but because he chose not to threaten my Bishop and or capture it but instead put me in check by way that I could only move my King out of check.

As per the 50 move rule, when should I have been allowed to start the count?

Ron ...

Dear viewer,

The rules of Chess state the following:

“Within the last 50 consecutive moves that have been made by each player without the movement of any Pawn and without the capture of any piece, the game is drawn, upon a correct claim by the player having the move”.

So, the 50 move rule should have started to count as soon as you were left with the King and Bishop regardless of how many checks are produced. If your opponent captures your Bishop then the 50 move rule begins counting again.

Check the following link for more information:

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