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Letter #03 -  2005

Sub:    Question about Capablanca
Date:   1/23/2005 3:37:19 PM MST
From:  Francisco Soto

I would like to know if Mr. Capablanca at any time played against Bobby Fischer.

Also, if when he died, was he still the world champion or was defeated by a Soviet player that supposedly is the best player today?

Can you send me an answer to these questions?

I really do not know to much of Chess but Capablanca was from my country Cuba and I would like to know the two factors I mentioned above.

I'd really appreciate your reply.

Francisco R. Soto

Dear viewer,

Capablanca never played Fischer since he died in the year of 1942, and Bobby Fischer was born the next year, March 9th, 1943.

At his death, Capablanca no longer was a world champion: he was defeated by Alexander Alekhine in the year of 1927 and Alekhine refused to play with him again.

All this information is available in our Capablanca biography page under the “Great Players” section or at the following URL address:

Thank you for visiting us,

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