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Letter #24 -  2005

Sub:    Ramayana and Chess
Date:   7/22/2005 5:09:38 AM MDT
From:  psychcbj

Hello :)

I've heard something about Chess being mentioned in the Ramayana, like Ravana's wife inventing it.

This is one of two sites I found saying something like this:

(not far down the page this is quoted under the heading 'Shaturanga')

According to some sources (Forbes, History of Chess, 1860) the game was invented between four or five thousand years ago, by the wife of King Ravana of Ceylon, when the capital was besieged by Rama.

Is this true, do you know anything about this?

Yours faithfully,

Dear viewer,

We have no information about the topic you mentioned.

We visited the site you sent us and found the history. Although the Chesmayne history of Chess posted in our site is very extensive, we found nothing related to it.

However, we will add this issue in the Chess History page since it looks very  credible and interesting.

Thank you for visiting us,

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