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Letter #29 -  2005

Sub:    Three questions
Date:   8/22/2005 7:11:44 PM MDT
From:  Mcraikinen


I am writing you to ask you the following: I have just started to play Chess and who else but you to clarify some questions:

1. Can all Pawns on their first move advance two squares?

2. Can the Pawns and the other pieces back down?

3. What is the purpose of the castling? since castling can't checkmate the opponent's King.

Thank you very much for your attention and hope you can write back to me.

Dear viewer,

1. All Pawns on their first move can advance one or two squares. After their first move, they move only one square each.

2. Pawns cannot move back, they move forward only. The rest of the other pieces can move back and forth.

3. The intent of castling is to put the King in a safe place by removing him out of the chessboard center. A King placed at the center of the board is very vulnerable from the attack of the opponent's pieces.

It is possible to checkmate the enemy's King when castling. In our Chess problems page at the Mate in one section, the 2 of 10 problem checkmates in one move when white castles:

Thank you for visiting us,

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