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Letter #10 -  2005

Sub:    Your website
Date:   3/9/2005 5:53:05 AM MST
From:  Pierre


I have discovered your website a few weeks ago and I must say that it is fantastic!  Very user friendly, great menus, graphics, databases, stories... the whole thing!

It is not only the best one in terms of Chess, it is simply a standard to refer to for other people who would like to set up a website for any particular hobby.

So after weeks of hard thinking I finally managed to draw with your computer Chess game. Would you be kind enough to tell me what would be its rating if you know it?

Thanks a lot,
Pierre / London, UK.

Dear viewer,

Thank you for your nice words about our site.

The Jester java Chess program could be rated 2250+ in the default setting.

More information about the rating of the Java Chess software Lokasoft can be found at:

Thank you for visiting us,

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