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Letter #17 -  2006

Sub:    Advice
Date:   9/8/2006 8:47:01 AM MDT
From:  Luis Pascual


I am a Chess fan. I like the game very much though I believe I'm really bad because I can't keep concentration during the whole game but I keep on trying. I am writing this e-mail from work.

I use to get into your Chess problems. I had seen before the mate with Bishop and Knight alone against the King on theory books, but I'd always found possible flee moves of the weak King that were not seen.

Your Chess machine is fantastic. Never makes a weak move if it finds an escape route. At least for my level of play, I am the one who have to cut all the possible paths till I be able to checkmate it.

Well, the thing is that at work, I have to do my job and at home I do not have internet service and I cannot try these problems mates nicely at my place and I would like to know if there is a possibility to unload those java applets or yet, all your complete page to be able to watch it in my house without connection, or if you sell a CD for this purpose.

Best regards,
Luis Pascual

Dear viewer,

You cannot download the Chess applets into your computer to review them at home later since the files needed to run them are hosted in our server.

To this date, our website can only be viewed online.

Thank you for visiting us,

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