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Letter #09 -  2006

Sub:    Endgame Chess problem 23
4/5/2006 6:48:20 AM MST

From:  tharley

This "White to move and draw" problem #23 is in fact a lost game for white:

White to move and draw

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1. Nc6 Bc5??? is given in the solution, but:

1. Nc6 d3 2. Ne5 d2 3. f4 Bg1+! 4. Kxg1 Kg3 5. Nd3 d1=R(or Q) leaves black in a
    winning position.

Tom Harley

Dear viewer,

You're right about this problem. Another variant shows a win for black too.

This endgame problem #23 was already replaced.

Thank you for visiting us,

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