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Letter 16 -  2006

Sub:    Paul Morphy vs. Howard Staunton
Date:   9/7/2006 6:29:54 PM MDT
From:  rj150

First off, nice site. It's got the PGN files, the just-for-fun Chess puzzles, challenges and problems, history and information. All that and the advanced about the game.

So, in Morphy's profile, it says that he never played Staunton in a game. However, when I looked at Morphy's PGN record, I organized all of the games Morphy played in order from earliest to latest in date as they were recorded.

Then I saw a match between him and Staunton, which Morphy had won, and it seemed to be a double match. They were titled saying white was Staunton/Owen and black was Morphy/Barnes, and the other one was vice versa, switching colors for both.

And if that isn't enough, I looked at Staunton's PGN Chess matches, and I saw it at the very bottom of the list of recorded matches Staunton played, listed in order from earliest to latest, supposedly the last match in his career, and I saw it directly, "Staunton, Howard vs. Morphy, Paul."

This should be considered, at least, as it contradicts Morphy's profile, saying they never had a match

Dear viewer,

The following text was added to Paul Morphy's biography in our "Great Players" page which we believe may be consistent with your question, our page, and the PGN's files from both Morphy and Staunton:

"In July, 1858 Paul Morphy played four 'Consultation Games' soon after his arrival in London. Two of those games are recorded as Morphy-Barnes vs. Staunton-Owen, having Morphy the satisfaction of being on the winning side both times they did so.

Although Morphy had an ally to assist him in each occasion, the outcome of his side of the game may fairly be attributed to the American Champion, whom he had crossed the Atlantic to play.

These two games are far from being an official match between Paul Morphy and Howard Staunton. As is well known, they never met over the board again."

We hope the above answers your question.

Thank you for visiting us,

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